Journey to Ago-Part-2

(continued from last blog )

“LEWIS”, I screamed, “are you alive?” There was just a mumbling of voice I heard from his Head. “It was better dead than this pain. Please let me go back to the dead!” I was able to understand it. I searched in the book for any solution but the problem was that there was nothing to revert the spells, and I could read it only once, after that they disappeared. I ran through each and every heading of spells, but none. Just then I came across the spell- “reverse the existing” I didn’t know what it would do, but all I knew was I had to do something to help Lewis. I read the spell:-

This is a spell, not a curse,

But once applied, there’s no nurse,

to reverse back what you did,

Choose wisely, you’re not a kid.

While I read it thinking fast.

the moment I’m thinking about the past.

take me to that moment of time,

take this existence away from mine.

Then, the book started levitating in the air, it whirled around, scattering its dust on me, and in a flash, it burned into ashes. Now I was under a thick layer of Dust, all my eyes covered with dust.

Somehow, I managed to remove the dust from my face, and I observed myself in my home, in the bathroom. I first of all washed the dust away and then thought “What on earth was that, and how did I come here?”

I checked my Mobile phone in my pocket, It was one day ago, just the day when I and Lewis had that accident. “Whoa!!”, I exclaimed, “Where’s the book?” As I ran into my room and checked my bag. It wasn’t there, instead, I found its ashes there. It didn’t take me long that I had time travelled to the past. so now I just had forty-five minutes to convince the police to evacuate the Cranbrook mall.

I instantly thought of an excuse that I overheard two people in front of my house talking about a suicide bombing attack on the mall. I had to bring up a strong theory too, or the police would also suspect me as to how did I get to know that.

I thought it would wok, I called the police station and told them the same thing. To my astonishment, their reply was, “please, it’s all hoax.” I replied-“Sir, even if there is a one percent chance that it’s true, is it a risk worth taking?” This time he heard me right. He sent a team to immediately evacuate the mall. In the process, the suicide bombers –  Mohd. Agham Ansari and Salah Abdeslam were also caught.

I met Lewis, healthy and alive , once again. The Mall was safe now, Dozens of people who should have been dead are alive and their families are also happy. The next day, I found the book at the same place! this time, I took it into my backyard, and buried it deep in there.


journey to ago:-part-1

Contemplating the mistakes I did in my past, I slept on my chair. The next morning I woke up, finding a book in front of me. It read as :
“the ancient book here has spells,
BEWARE! The eternal demon yells.
Impossible is possible with this book,
Use and you are the God’s crook.
Formed for when the world end,
The spells make space and time go bend.”
     For a moment, I thought the book was a joke…but surely it appeared to be ancient. Another look on the cover, and I found alphabets on it written suddenly changed into something that looked like manuscripts. “HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE EVEN? Suddenly the book changed its language? From English to something unreadable or pictograph?”
The book was covered with dust and the pages were all brown ‘MORE THAN I’VE EVER SEEN.’
Initially I thought it to be a science fiction book, my father has a habit to read, but his taste is that of comedy, infact, he has special dislike for fiction. Anyways, it was Saturday morning and I had time…so my curiosity forced me to go through it.
And something wrote as -“spell to bring D-alive……….!! BEWARE!! THE SPELL MAY BOUNCE BACK ON YOU”
I tried to read it but didn’t read it aloud, for if for a one percent chance the thing is true, I’m doomed.

The next day I was going to my school with my friend. All was peaceful and all was calm as usual. We were having a nice chit chat in the bus. the bus stopped on a red light. Suddenly, from the right window of the bus, i was watching a boy helping a blind man to cross the street. Suddenly, BOOM! there was a blast in the Cranbrook mall on the same side. The bus was fairly far away from the mall, but we could feel the fire, the sudden stampede in the crowd and overall, the burning people running hay-wye for safety. Some were torn into pieces, and I could easily guess that there would have no trace of the boy and the blind man be left.

I ran out of the bus towards the spot to help as many as I would! My friend , Louis and many other childern n the bus ran out to help, not caring of their own lives. Just then there was another one -BAANG!  and everything blackened out.

when my eyes opened, I found myself in a Hospital, and on the further interrogation from the nurse, I found out that i was admitted to the City Hospital. louis was still lying on a bed on a bed besides me. It took me no time to realise that he’s no more, for there was nothing remaining below his neck.

Under the first adrenaline rush, I searched for my bag and , which i found besides me. With great difficulty I opened it and took out the book from it- there it goes. I read the spell:

Dead or alive, I do care.

listen Satan please spare,

the one life that lies in there,

don’t hide, i know you are here.

heavens life is not his,

nor to hell, it is this.


(to be continued in next blog)

A Perfect Revenge- The URI


Initial provocation-the attack

It’s been over a month since the spine-chilling URI attacks took place. Occurring on September 18, 2016, four terrorists attacked the URI cantonment full going, killing as much as eighteen military men. They were soon brought down by the army but till then the damage had already been done.This attack led more and more political events as soon as it took place. IT was rightly reported as the “deadliest attack” on the security forces in Kashmir in the last two decades. India lost 12 Brigade, killing 19 soldiers in all, this clearly suggests the scale of attack on the army.


PAK envoy summon


September 21, India summoned Pakistan High Commissioner   Abdul Basit and shared evidence of Pakistani involvement which was rejected  at Islamabad.

Nawaz Sharif’s speech at the UNGA


Just the next day, on September twenty two, Islamic Republic of Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif delivered a provocative speech at the  United Nation General Assembly, hailing Hizbul commander Burhan Wani.

Planning Of The Attack


It was Decided to take action against Pakistan.  Army chief General Dalbir Singh and Director General of Military Operations Lt-Gen Ranbir Singh informed Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the modus operandi of the attack.

Surgical strike

Finally, on September 26, the Surgical Strikes were conducted.The terror camps were stormed with bullets and the soldiers who had slipped through the barricades returned back victorious and unharmed, destroying 8 terrorists camps.



Much Ado About Nothing – A review


The legendary- William Shakespeare’s one of the finest works, “Much Ado About Nothing” primarily falls under the romantic comedy genre. It was written in a 1598 and 1599, in the middle of his carrier while he was still evolving as a playwright Shakespeare seems to be a bit more focussed on the skirmish-of-wit between Beatrice and Benedick, rather than focusing on the plot.


The play is set in the British background, particularly in the Elizabethan period. Many of the cultures and habits that a person should possess as said in the play, comply to those as of that period.


Claudio and Hero(as in the movie)

Initially, the play seems to suggest that the protagonists are Count Claudio-a young Florentine and Hero-Daughter of Leonato, the governor of Messina but apparently, as the play proceeds, readers begin to feel that the protagonists should rather be Benedick and Beatrice, two because of which the whole plot proceeds.


beatrice and beneick(movie)

The beginning of the play is informative. Although not mentioned in detail, the first act’s first scene can be said as the Expository scene. The readers get enough information about the pre-happenings of the play, the catch on to the act that who the protagonists are, and Shakespeare right away begins the war of words between the most Dynamic couple in the play (although not initially a couple). Almost all the element of comedy has been added by the Benedick-Beatrice plot.


church scene-the most important scene in the play

The play’s main plot is the conspiracy of the villain in the play- Don John to harm is brother -Don Pedro, the ruler of Messina, by any means. There are four main plots going in the play: –

  1. Hero-Claudio love plot
  2. Benedick and Beatrice plot
  3. Eavesdropping
  4. Don john’s evil plans


Don Pedro(movie-Much Ado About Nothing)

However, reaching the end of the play, the reader realises that the beginning of the play was well started and the plot was going well. Suddenly, Shakespeare realised his mistake of giving too much emphasis on the Benedick-Beatrice plot has now made him fall short of tome, so he seemed to have rushed up with things. Many important questions remained unanswered and the play ends by suddenly by making Don John accepting all his flaws. In all, the play was not as good and in-depth as others but yes, Shakespeare’s skills of setting up a war of words has been shown clearly. Beatrice has been rightfully recognised as the “wittiest heroine of Shakespeare”. Like all other Shakespearean romantic comedies, the play also ends on a happy node with everyone rejoicing, and all matters settled up.


benedick’s confession-strangest thing in the play

How to play guitar-its easy and fun


Music has a resonating effect on our mind. We often find it helpful to amplify out feelings or to change the mood of people. Imagine a life without any music – straight away empty right?  Yes, that’s the power of music – it fills the colors in our life, it’s the sugar in the cake of our lives. How many of us sing when we listen to music? Or make gestures like we’re playing a guitar while listening to music? Well, almost all of us do that while listening to music. I personally feel very relaxed after playing guitar, after a fully frustrating and tiring day.

So, how many of us are having aspirations of playing the guitar? Well, here is a guide to start it the right way and give a kick-start to your guitar skills.

  1. Play around with the guitar in the beginning:

Well, this is really one of the most important part as it eventually makes you curious to learn more and more. Also, by pressing a random fret here and there and a random string here and there, you get comfortable with the configuration of the guitar. doing this for a week or so will be helpful.


     2. Start with the basics.


Here is the beginning of your technical part. Use any mobile application to tune your guitar. Now go for the basic guitar notes  and learn to pluck them, the right one at the right time. Done forget to strum both ways- up and down, as is the problem detected with most beginners. This can be said one of the most boring phase of learning, but it is THE MOST IMPORTANT phase as it sets a ground for your future.It exists for about two to three weeks

 3.  Try to remember everything:

Needs no special mention, but it’s equally important to remember what you have learned but eventually, you will automatically remember everything if you have practiced well.

4.  Once you are done with basics, Now , you can go for the chords and rhythm:


Yes, now comes the most interesting part- the chords, which you have been working to learn. You now know the notes, frets and almost everything required for a chord. now you need to learn how are chords formed.

Most important thing is to give up the hoax that one needs some innate music skill to learn music. No one is an expert the day he or she is born. Everyone learns these skills gradually. Moreover, YOU MUST NOT DIRECTLY MOVE TO THE CHORDS PART. this way, you might learn as well to play chords, but after a few ten chords, it will be very difficult to rise further as you would not know the basics. did

So, these are a few steps that must help you to get an understanding of the instrument well. Practice, enjoy, all the best!


One Love

I cannot tell you the compassion I have felt for all your sufferings for these weeks past that you have had so many drawbacks. Nor the gratitude I have felt for the cheerful & affectionate looks you have given me when I know you have been miserably uncomfortable.
My heart has often been too full to speak or take any notice I am sure you know I love you well enough to believe that I mind your sufferings nearly as much as I should my own & I find the only relief to my own mind is to take it as from God’s hand, & to try to believe that all suffering & illness is meant to help us to exalt our minds & to look forward with hope to a future state. When I see your patience, deep compassion for others self command & above all gratitude for the smallest thing done to help you I cannot help longing that these precious feelings should be offered to Heaven for the sake of your daily happiness. But I find it difficult enough in my own case. I often think of the words “Thou shalt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee.” It is feeling & not reasoning that drives one to prayer. I feel presumptuous in writing thus to you.
I feel in my inmost heart your admirable qualities & feelings & all I would hope is that you might direct them upwards, as well as to one who values them above every thing in the world. I shall keep this by me till I feel cheerful & comfortable again about you but it has passed through my mind often lately so I thought I would write it partly to relieve my own mind.

Eyes-Speaking the truth

eyeHumans make the most out of their decisions on what they see. Scientific figures show that more than fifty percent of our sense from our sense organs come from what we see. Not only they let us to see others, but also they  let others to see what we can’t show them in full. Yes,the abstract – but powerful emotions, often cant be expressed in words, are clearly expressed  by the weakest eyes.eye1

These weak eyes, that close themselves on the weakest of the dust particles, can be powerful enough to make one fall in love,  show disappointment or EVEN HYPNOTIZE SOMEONE. One of the weakest parts of our body, one of our strongest supports.

These two little objects speak in a different language that is understood by everyone. Anger, pain, sadness, love, disappointment, satisfaction and almost every emotion that we can think of are provided by these two puny objects hidden by a thin layer of skin and lashes. your-eyes-show-strength-of-your-soul-poster-ST003VG

They try to hide,but still they cant hide,
the person that lies within the soul.
The norms of truth that they abide,
the language of eyes, on a whole.

They don’t lie, they speak the truth,
the inner mystery is revealed.
The mirth of one,or his Ruth
that on outside, often sealed.

The power of eyes , you must admit,
that lie within a small cover.
“Are they false?” not one bit,
showing everything’s true color.
They let us have our precious sight,
one ,must admit, the eyes’ might.


Terrorism-the Biggest threat to us

unstopped they are-sad but true

Everyone feels sad when one switches on the television to see news and all the news he gets is of a Suicide bombing or firing over the innocent people who want to lead just a peaceful life. These handful of people are known as “terrorists”- it’s hard to say that they have an objective or not- but they just want to “see the world burn”, not thinking twice that is it right or wrong to take even a life.

The question that arises is – Is there any solution to this problem? The answer is-YES, but not an easy one. Unless all the nations stop the blame-game that seems to be for ever, a solution cannot be even thought of. Well, since terrorism is a global threat, each country  on the globe has to take part in it.World-Trade-Center-Attack-3

What if the delay taken for unity is enough for these terrorists to achieve a nuclear bomb? No wonder we can conclude that it’s equal to the whole planet being stuck in a big gravitational singularity. Just holding meetings with no action at all will not be fruitful. even after knowing this fact too, all that the nations do is look forward to the U.S.A. to do some action on its own. Why can’t all the nations on the world form an alliance against this global threat?



To the ISIS ruling in Iraq and Syria,
The two thousand innocents killed in Nigeria.
The terrorizing hijacks of Lashkar Taliban,
The school children killed in Pakistan.

We all are living in this reign of terror,
There must have been some serious error
in our plans that terrorism is so widespread,
The extent to which these terrorists have bred.
By means of good or bad,virtue or vice,
Each moment we delay, we lose a life.

Unite, and we all can get them in days,
Unite, and we all can show them their ways.
Unite, for we know what these people meant,
destruction of world, on which they are bent.
Unite, for meetings would not really change,
the speed at which they increase their range.
Unite, for they all are real short of mirth,
Unite, for each life’s millions of worth.
And now in the end,I would like to yell,
If they are unstopped, this Earth would be hell.


World’s First 1000 Core Processor Is Now A Reality


Does it seems unrealistic to even imagine a bunch of 1000 cores of a processor to work simultaneously? Well, for those who answer yes,meet Kilocore, the world’s first 1000 core processor, developed by UCD Researchers. Even more, it is so power effective that it can run on a simple AA size battery.If you have been impressed by Intel’s first-ever 10-core consumer processor—and there was a lot to like!—good, well check this monster out. Researchers at the college of California, Davis, have created a new processor with a ridiculous 1,000 CPU cores. And the chip’s so power-effective that it could be run through a single AA battery, the developer team claims.

The cores within “KiloCore” can also be independently clocked to a highest of 1.78 GHz, and shut down independently when they’re no longer getting used. The cores additionally transfer data information instantly among each other, rather than leaning on a shared cache of memory, which is the norm with in these days’s commercial processors. All told, “the 1,000 processors can execute a 115 billion commands per second whilst dissipating only about 0.7 watts,” the researchers says, making the KiloCore a 100 times extra power-effective than a computer despite being built on ancient 32nm CMOS processor tech from IBM. Against this, present Intel chips are a lot greater-clocked and built making use of a 14nm method.

They gain millions—not billions—of commands per second. So what would you employ a chip with 1,000 cores for? The same thing that you’d use your modern multi core processor for—video processing, encryption and decryption, and all types of scientific works. Don’t expect to look the KiloCore on retailer shelves any time soon. Lots of at present’s laptop apps are designed to run extra efficiently on a lower number of high clocked threads, as an alternative than splitting a workload across a number of slower cores. They’re not completely useful but they may help you save a lot of time when you laptop works slow.